Interview with a classmate Week 7

This week I interviewed a freshmen here at CSULB named Dylan Chou. Dylan lives in Huntington Beach and loves to ride his board around whether its on the waves or on the streets. He was very athletic in High school and played football, volleyball, and did track and field. He is a mechanical engineering major currently here at Long Beach. He said he has meet a lot of good people here in this class and hopes to meet more. dylin-chou


Interview with a classmate Week 6

This week I interviewed a classmate named Kaziah Thorton. Kaziah’s interests are to go to the gym and she loves photography. She is a freshmen currently residing in the dorms her at CSULB. She has no siblings but she has three dogs that she loves. She has not declared a major yet but she is leaning towards a communications degree.


Interview with a classmate Week 5

This week I interviewed a guy named Spencer Tam. He is in Art 110 with us this semester. Spencer likes to draw and sketch many different art pieces and uses it as a way to express himself. He likes to get feedback on his art by many different point of views because everyone is different when interpreting art. He is a computer science major here at CSULB. I wish him good luck with his major and his passion for art.


Week 8 Plaster Casting



This week’s activity was a really fun one. Making the plaster mold of my hand was pretty hard. It took me a while to get a good fit into the sand. Mine didn’t come out too well but you can see some of my fingers. It was a fun day at the beach with my friends and I got sun burnt but it was all worth it!

Interview with a Classmate Week 8 – Arianna Perez

This week I interviewed Arianna or as she likes to be called Ari. She is a sophomore and and English major here at CSULB. She is currently a member of the sorority Delta Delta Delta and is the Risk management Chair for them. She likes to hang out at the beach, eat french fries and watch Teen Wolf or The Bachelor. For fun she likes to go shopping with her friends. Get to know her!


Interview with an Artist – Nidia Morales – Week 4

Nidia Morales’s art exhibit was very interesting. Her exhibit was all about hair and hair being brushed or covered with sticky substances like syrup and frosting. It was weird walking into this exhibit at first and while interviewing Nidia she said she really likes hair and is borderline obsessed with it. She said that her art piece represents the misconception of Beauty. People spend a lot of money on their hair and beauty to try and look better. She said the frosting was a symbol of decoration like you would put on a cake or something. She is a photography major and hopes to go far with art as a career.Image