Interview with a Classmate – Week 4 – Erica Rudolph

This week I interviewed my dear friend Erica. I meet Erica last semester in the Beachside dorms because she lives a couple rooms down from me. Erica is… interesting. She is always really nice and friendly but she is kind of weird at times too! but it is funny. Erica is a communications major and a freshman here at CSULB. She is a member of the Delta Gamma sorority as of last fall. She lives in Huntington Beach and grew up there, and she loves to surf. Erica is awesome, I’m glad i meet her last semester, get to know her!Image


Instagram Activity



This was a post I put up on Instagram while eating dinner at the Beachside Dorms Dining Hall. The food there is… alright at best. Some days it can be awful but you have to work with what you got. 

Instagram Activity



This was one of my posts from our Instagram activity on Thursday. It was rush week for all of Greek Life so this was one of our more laid back days where we meet some of the guys by eating food, and smoking hookah, which was the focus of this picture. Also we like to sit around this Hookah on the couches and chairs all the time just to hang out and bond as brothers.

Interview with an Artist – Week 3 – Nicolas Gaby

For this week I interviewed Nick Gaby who is a 5th year senior here at CSULB studying for an art major. His art piece was collecting a bunch of mugs and displaying them on the floor with shelves behind on the walls, but none of the mugs were on the shelves. He said that this is how he pictured his art when someone asked why none of them were on the shelves. He started talking about the mugs and how they sit around houses and never get noticed. He let everyone who saw his art piece take one home with them is they wanted. Image

Interview with a Classmate – Week 3 – Rogelio Gutierrez

I meet Rogelio Fall 2012 semester when I began pledging for the fraternity Phi Gamma Delta. He is an awesome guy to know and I’m glad I meet him when I did. We decided to take this class to get a better feel for visual arts, as for me I am not very creative. Ro-Ro, a nickname I call him, was a mechanical engineering major but he switched over to Economics and he is in his 3rd year here at CSULB. He is currently the Recording Secretary for our Fraternity and is a trustworthy gentlemen. 

Week 2 – Interview with an Artis – Patricia Anderson

Patricia displayed her art this week at the art gallery. She created pieces that resembled the houses she grew up around in the suburbs and how they were all similar. But underneath the pieces she told a story of how each of them were different. As for background for her she likes to play ultimate frisbee and her favorite color is grey. She said an inspiration of her’s was her grandpa who was an artist and she stated that she grew up around art. She is taking the year off to wait for grad school. Her inspiration for this piece came from her childhood where she grew up in Orange County. Image

Week 2 – Interview with a Classmate – Juan Carlos Cuevas

I meet Carlos over a year ago now as we pledged in the same fraternity. I meet up with him during class this week and talked to him and asked him what he has been up to. He currently works at Knotts as a ride operator and is taking classes here at CSULB. He is 22 and is almost done with his degree in Human Resources. He also said he likes to take long walks on the beach with his girlfriend Destiny. Carlos is a guy you want to meet if you see him around class!